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A Little Bit of Humor!

If you think the link below gives any hint to my personal beliefs then you’ll be dead wrong. I just want to pass it on because it’s funny. And humor is the way to build bridges between people of different political persuasions.

Enjoy! Always enjoy the humor in life.


Some Much-Needed Humor!

Please, please forgive me for this. But tonight’s post has nothing to do with Homeowners Associations. OK, maybe I can stretchhhh to make it fit. It happens inside a home. The star is a dog. Now, many readers know that I occasionally refer to certain lawyers as dogs.

But I love dogs…a lot. And I miss my Irish Setter who I lost a few years ago.

Also…the dog in this video is a heck of a lot smarter and more honest than many HOA lawyers.


(link to the world’s best-trained dog!)


Happy New Year!

Many of you have seen this promo before. It was a 2001 attempt by my TV station to videotape a Christmas and New Year’s greeting. As I recall we did more than a hundred takes and my Irish Setter puppy just wouldn’t cooperate. So I was blown away when our promotion team figured out a way to stitch together a promo that actually worked. I was exhausted. Here it is:



Strange but True, and Twice as Funny

A landmark in the town of Fountain, Colorado has been stolen. It’s a relief for some but others are dismayed.

Several years ago when the Cody Driver family built their house, the neighborhood HOA required that he name his road and put up a street sign. I’m not sure what frustration led to the naming of his road, but it quickly became a landmark:

“A Dog Will Lick His Butt, But He Won’t Eat A Pickle Road”

It became a legend on the Internet. People drove from a thousand miles away to visit and get their picture taken with the sign. But it’s gone now. Somebody stole it.

(KRDO story on famous Colorado street sign)