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Some Much Needed Comic Relief!

Hilton Head, South Carolina must be a rip-roaring place. A paramedic who gets occasional calls there posted the following on a professional real estate blog:

Your Voting Rights Really Are At Risk!

There’s no better homeowners rights advocate in the country than, in California. I wish they’d let me link directly to some of their blog posts, but they are a paid-only subscription website and I understand and respect that. In the meantime, I have to re-purpose some of their material, while giving them full credit. has been vigorously lobbying against Internet voting for Homeowners Associations. The reason is obvious. The Homeowners Association industry is a wasps nest of fraud and once they get Internet voting passed, you and I as private property owners are toast.

“He fought for the flag and we’ll die for the flag!” ~Louise Helton

guest blog by Nila Ridings
This story has reduced me to tears!
I hold a special place in my heart for aviators, veterans, and the American flag.
In the course of his 92 years, Mr. Helton of McDonough, Georgia has VOLUNTEERED to fight in 3 wars for the United States of America.  He fought for my freedom and yours. He fought for these ungrateful, insensitive, and brain-dead board members, too!  Today, He sits in his chair with his aviator’s shirt on. He is devastated. And he can’t hold back the tears.
Because four board members from the Village At Spring Creek HOA marched themselves to his front door and ordered him to take the America flag off his house or they will fine him $25 per day.  And one of them said, “If you don’t take it down, I’ll take it down!”
If you’ve read this far please think about what I am about to say.  Do we really and truly want the last years, months, days, or hours of life on this earth for those who have sacrificed so much for each of us to be spent in the greatest battle of their lives to be with their Homeowners Association?  The Helton’s have lived in this HOA hellhole less than one year. President George W. Bush signed into law the RIGHT to fly the American flag in 2005 so any of us who wish to fly it could freely do so.
This story makes me feel more and more like our enemies are not on foreign soil. They are right here living next door and down the street.  Every single story I read about HOAs cements that belief for me. 
Please join me in our efforts to stop this insanity by flying your American flag today.  
United we can and will make a difference!

Georgia Marine Loses Right To Fly The Flag

A patriotic member of the U.S. Marines tried to fly both the American Flag and the Marine Corps flag outside his home in Atlanta. But the Sun City Peach-Tree Homeowners Association says he’ll be fined, sued, liened and foreclosed if he does so. Seems that Sun City will only allow one flag at a time (Southern Homeowners Associations have been consistently losing their fight to ban all flags).

The Griffin Management company thinks it has total control over its homeowners and can micro-manage every aspect of their lives.

The Fight Against The Red, White & Blue

Across HOA Amerika there’s a desperate struggle to prevent homeowners from displaying the American Flag. “They’re not earth colors,” says the CAI and Associa, and a myriad of other HOA management firms that get their marching orders from above.

Thus, there was legal action taken against Colonel Barfoot who served in three wars, won the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery, a Silver star, a Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts. and saluted the flag outside his door each morning and evening. Then there was the case in Texas where a former Marine fought a pitched battle to display a few patriotic bumper stickers on his car.