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No Wonder Nevada Officials Are Fighting!


All during the Las Vegas HOA scandal, there were rumors about a judge somehow being involved in the massive scam. Prosecutors have been steadfastly refusing to show public records to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The newspaper sued. Finally some intriguing things are leaking out. The judge is none other than the Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court!

According to the Journal, one of the 43 HOA crooks swore under oath that she got a text from fellow criminal Nancy Quon that Chief Justice Nancy Saitta was warning her the FBI was raiding all the HOAs. It’s crazy how many lawyers were involved in this scam! (Shades of Pennsylvania?)

Is there any question that the Las Vegas Review Journal has had to fight tooth and nail to get this scam uncovered? The prosecutor is still withholding millions of documents. How many more surprises are hidden in all those boxes? Maybe even another top state politician? A few members of the U.S. Attorney’s office? In Nevada you don’t get rich at the tables. You get rich by stealing from homeowners.

BTW, as a lifelong investigative reporter I could probably tell you exactly where this latest leak came from. I’ve used that source many times to get ‘secret’ depositions.

(link to Judge Saitta story in Las Vegas Review Journal)




HOA Housing Craziness In Aspen!

I’ve written about this before. But here’s another great column from the Aspen Times. Wages are so out-of-control in this Eastern Hollywood Town, that the City of Aspen is using taxpayers’ money to pay for the maintenance of Homeowners Associations where all the ‘low-income’ workers live. The whole system is warped in more ways than can be easily discussed. But the columnist linked below does a pretty good job.

Homeowners Associations are a national scandal waiting to burst. But making the taxpayer pay the cost of keeping this scam going is just stretching the imagination too far.

(link to Aspen Times story on taxpayer funded HOAs)



Free Speech is Not a Right!

Those of us who follow such things know that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t protect people in Homeowners Associations. The one exception, of course, is if you’re ‘colored,’ whatever that means. There actually is some case law to protect racial minorities and the handicapped. But other tenets of the Constitution? Forget it. Due process? Forget it. Free speech? Forget it.

This latest story comes from a Fort Collins, Colorado resident who put up a Bernie Sanders sign on her balcony. It was OK for a while. After all, it’s a college town and college kids are taught all about the Constitution. They just aren’t told that Homeowners Associations are private corporations in which residents don’t have access to the Bill of Rights.

The new management company at the Baystone Apartments sent out threatening letters, warning of fines of up to $5000 for people who incorrectly display political signs. Once the story ended up in the newspaper the management company cried, “Oops!” But that’s only temporary. As soon as the public furor dies down they’ll start assessing fines all over again.

Long live the First Amendment! Well, that is if you’re not in an HOA! And 20 to 25% of Americans have already surrendered their right to Constitutional protection.


Does CAI Ever Tell The Truth?

guest blog by Deborah Goonan, 

Ok, folks. Here’s an opportunity for CHPPI and state advocates across the country to fight against this sickening example of propaganda and help support bills in FL that will limit excessive fees and abuse of consumers.

NOTHING that is written in the most recent Community Associations Institute / Community Advocacy Network press release (referenced below) represents the truth.

The only “advocacy” promoted by CAI and CAN is self-advocacy for their own profit potential.

We can blow this out of the water by exposing who is behind CAI and CAN — management company CEOs and prominent law firms that make their living off of Collection services, document production services, and enforcement of covenants, restrictions, and rules.

Take note that the Business Partner’s Council membership just so happens to include Joseph Russo, owner of – one of the industry’s corporations that directly benefits from charging unlimited fees to provide documents that are needed or required as part of the real estate sales process and title search. What a coincidence!

The premise of the CAI-CAN argument is that fees for providing necessary HOA financial disclosure information should be unlimited, and that the buyer should pay up front, so these charlatans can be assured of getting paid.

And if the buyer won’t pay up front, and the closing doesn’t happen — possibly because the buyer balks at paying artificially inflated liens on the property — then the poor homeowners will have to pick up the cost. After all, the industry fighting this bill certainly does not want to eat the cost themselves! Their Association document disclosure service is SO valuable, right?

And let’s use common sense. What affects the bottom line more for homeowners: covering some of the association’s costs for providing timely and accurate disclosures documents or dealing with thwarted sales related to excessive or surprise closing costs involving liens heavily padded with fees and collection costs?

Aren’t HOA members harmed when delinquency rates remain high due to the fact that sellers cannot unload their homes because buyers won’t pay hefty liens (and then risk being billed for more after closing)? Don’t lenders avoid financing condos and homes in associations with high delinquency rates — or at least offer less favorable financing terms?

I know plenty of true homeowner advocates read this blog. Please give me your thoughts?


(link to CAI Press Release)

(link to Florida House Bill 203)

(link to Florida Senate Bill 722)


Another Day, Another HOA Embezzler

The former treasurer of the Summit Ranch Homeowners Association in Chino Hills, California is going to jail for up to a year for embezzling more than 128,000 dollars.

For every one they catch, there are ten thousand others getting away with it.

(how to get rich quickly…Just embezzle)